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About Me

I am a Graduate Student at Western University, studying “Theory and Criticism.” Basically, I read a combination of philosophy and literature and ponder the greatest mysteries of the literary canon. Could Deleuze and Derrida ever be best buds? Was Kafka a philosopher by night and a story-teller by day? Who would triumph in an arm wrestling competition: Dostoyevsky or Freud?

In the real world—Academia is far away from reality—I care for an indoor garden of orange trees and chase my beloved ferret-son, Rudy, around (because he has my pens). I also read as much as possible.

In conversation, I am known for missing critical consonants and forgetting vowels that make words work.

About this Blog

ReadingNReding is a repository of book reviews and other odds and ends.

Some people encourage following a niche such as science fiction, horror, or independent literary fiction when developing a blog. I have a difficult time wrapping my head around niche categories because I am not trying to sell anything at ReadingNReding. These reviews are for your viewing pleasure, and a nostalgic record of my thoughts on a variety of literature—fiction and non-fiction.

My reading philosophy is to keep seeking new ideas. I don’t frown on certain genres. I don’t have a camp I vehemently defend. I truly believe reading broadly is one of the most important things a reader can do. It will challenge you to think differently. It will start various conversations between genres, stories, and ideas that is nothing but thrilling.

Sometimes the mood calls for a fantastical adventure across the glowing lights of galaxies. Sometimes I need a dark mystery. And sometimes I need something relevant to the experiences of today.

So I am not much of a fanboy.

You can always get a hold of me through traditional social media venues. If you want something more intimate, you can shoot me an email at readnreding@gmail.com